Did you know that the NHS has its own Retirement Fellowship and that in Wales, there are 13 branches with almost 1000 members. It is a very special staff organisation dedicated to caring for the needs of those that have retired from the NHS or social care and their partners. It is funded only by member subscriptions and does not benefit from any government grant. That’s why we 
need your help. 

An invitation and an unique Opportunity
This is an invitation for you to donate a tax-free amount of your choice in your monthly salary which will help to maintain and support the important work of the NHS Retirement Fellowship. You will become an Associate Member and enjoy all the benefits and advantages of full membership now and when you retire.

What is the NHS Retirement Fellowship?
An important staff organisation set up for the benefit of retired members of staff and those not yet retired. A registered Charity established in the early 70’s and supported by the Welsh Government DHSS and Health Boards throughout Wales. The Fellowship has some 17,000 members in 200 branches throughout the UK. In Wales, there are 13 branches with approximately 1000 members.

Give as you earn

What Do Members Do?
Members pursue an exciting kaleidoscope of interests and activities ranging from Photography, the Book Club, Golf, Archery, Discounted Holidays and Cruises, a Benevolent  Fund etc., to providing Welfare Services, Social Events and serving as Service and Care Reviewers. Visit our website for a comprehensive list of benefits.

Why support the Fellowship?
The Welsh NHS Retirement Fellowships main source of income is by member subscriptions which are deliberately kept low to reflect a pensioner base membership. Any donation you feel able to give will help ensure that the work of the Fellowship continues now and in the future and will be there for when you retire.

If you would like to find out more about the NHS Retirement Fellowship in Wales before making a donation, please contact;

Fellowship Officer Wales

T: 01666 505266
M: 07768 406233
E: johntoman@btconnect.com
and/or visit the Welsh Fellowship website www.nhsrf-cymru.co.uk

To make a donation, please click here.